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Infrared Thermal Imaging for Home Inspections

Infrared thermal imaging is a beneficial tool for quality home inspections. Infrared is invisible, yet radiant energy. This type of radiation is generally associated with heat and not otherwise harmful. It cannot be seen by the naked eye: however, thermal imaging detects radiation in the infrared ranges, which are normally red, and produce images of [...]

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Identifying Insulation Issues

Insulation is a key feature every home needs. Insulation is a padding that is put in homes to help regulate the temperature of homes. Insulation is normally found in attics, inside walls, basements, ceilings, and even the floor. The type of insulation used in all of these locations can vary. There are three types of [...]

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Attic Maintenance and Winterization

When it comes to preparing your home for the winter months, it is important to make sure your attic is is included on the list of things to do. Whether you use your attic for storage or as a maintenance room of the house, it’s important to make sure you’re prepared for the cold months. [...]

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Maintaining Walkways and Driveways

Winter is quickly approaching, and some parts of the United States have already been seeing snow fall. With this being the case, it is time to prepare for winter and its harsh weather. Whether it’s a snowy day or a rainy day that turns the rain to ice, it is important to be prepared. Before [...]

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Winterization: Heating Issues

Winter is quickly approaching, and it is important to be prepared. It is also important to make sure your home’s heating sources are prepared for the colder months of the year. Before anything, you must check heating sources, such as your furnace and chimney, to make sure they work properly and are safe to use. [...]

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Winterizing: Draft Control

Colder weather is quickly approaching, and that means addressing an important element of your home to inspect: draft control. Draft is when air from outside slips through cracks into your home, which can cause the temperature in your home to increase or decrease. This can cause problems in the colder seasons of the year, so [...]

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Important Information on Window Inspections

Windows are what make a house complete. They allow natural light to flood your house during the daytime and can provide your home with fresh air without allowing bugs inside. When installing windows in your home, it’s important to know information on window inspections and when your windows need more attention. Depending on where you [...]

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