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Winterization: Heating Issues

Winter is quickly approaching, and it is important to be prepared. It is also important to make sure your home’s heating sources are prepared for the colder months of the year. Before anything, you must check heating sources, such as your furnace and chimney, to make sure they work properly and are safe to use. [...]

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Winterizing: Draft Control

Colder weather is quickly approaching, and that means addressing an important element of your home to inspect: draft control. Draft is when air from outside slips through cracks into your home, which can cause the temperature in your home to increase or decrease. This can cause problems in the colder seasons of the year, so [...]

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Home Inspections After Flooding

Home Inspections After Flooding In unfortunate circumstances, a flood may occur in your home. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recommends inspecting your household after any water damage occurs. It is important to exercise caution before entering your home after flooding, due to the various types of damage that may be present. Flooding may result [...]

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Important Information on Window Inspections

Windows are what make a house complete. They allow natural light to flood your house during the daytime and can provide your home with fresh air without allowing bugs inside. When installing windows in your home, it’s important to know information on window inspections and when your windows need more attention. Depending on where you [...]

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Identifying Foundation Trouble

Foundation issues can develop naturally over time. They can also result from catastrophic disaster, natural or otherwise. The main culprit for causing foundation issues is water in the soil causing swelling when saturated and retracting when parched. If this swelling and retracting occurs unevenly beneath a house then the foundation may be subject to stress [...]

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Chimney Issues to Look For

No matter how modern and progressive homes become, a fireplace can add a sense of warmth to a home that still appeals to many. Maintaining a working fireplace requires yearly cleaning to address creosote buildup and possible blockages by debris or small animals. It is also important to check the masonry and condition of the [...]

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Getting Rid of Smoke Damage

A house fire is one of the most devastating things that can happen to your home. After the fire, you will be faced with many important decisions that can help get your home and life back to normal. While most homeowners can recognize the damage caused directly from the fire itself, you may not realize [...]

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Preventing Water Damage in Your Attics and Basements

When you first bought your home, you probably were not as enamored with the crawl space basement or dark attic. Perhaps, extra space to store your things, but you did not give it much thought. You chose your home based on its living space, not necessarily how well its attic and basement had been maintained, [...]

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Hurricane Preparation

Unlike other natural weather disasters, we usually have some amount of warning before a hurricane makes landfall or comes close to shore. While the advanced warning does help you prepare for the impending storm, you should also prep long before hurricane season begins. First, you need to understand that hurricane damage isn’t always from a [...]

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Preparing for Wind Damage

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of summer? For most of us, summer means trips to the pool or lake, swimming in the ocean, or a long break from school. But with all of the fun that summer offers, it also signals the beginning of a new set of [...]

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