Chimney Preparation for Winter Use

//Chimney Preparation for Winter Use

Chimney Preparation for Winter Use

winter-houseRegular inspections are important to make sure your chimney is safe to use during the winter months. Any damage to the chimney or buildup from previous use can cause a potentially dangerous situation if it is not diagnosed and fixed. There are multiple levels of inspections that are determined by usage and other factors of your chimney. Routine cleanings can also help prevent any problems and keep your chimney in tiptop shape from year to year.


Level 1 – Recommended for chimneys in regular use that do not appear to have any issues and are not going to have any changes made to them. The technician will look at readily accessible areas for overall soundness and to make sure the chimney has no obstructions or built up combustibles. This is mainly to ensure that they continue to be safe to use and to look for any potential problems that might arise over time.

Level 2 – If any changes are made to the heating system, you are required to get a Level 2 inspection. These could be changes in fuel type, the shape of the flue, the replacement or addition of similar appliances, or a change in household ownership.

Level 3 – This level of inspection is recommended if any issues are found in a Level 1 or 2 inspection. It may require removal of some pieces of the chimney as well as special tools. Removal of components is used to gain access to interior parts of the chimney to check for soundness of the system.

Cleaning and Winter Prep

Once you know all the parts on your fireplace and chimney are in working order, it’s almost time to build a warm cozy fire. Make sure everything is clean, including the area surrounding your fireplace, and is also free from flammable objects. Check that there are no loose seals or bricks that might come apart during use. Round up some firewood that is not pressure treated to prevent any toxic fumes from entering your home, and then light it up and enjoy!

For any household inspection needs, give Georgia Pro Inspection Co. a call to help you prepare your house for any season or for sale. We have certified experts in the field to make sure your home is safe all year round.

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