Flooring Issues

//Flooring Issues

Flooring Issues

We often take for granted the ground that we walk on, as well as the floors. As long as they are in good repair, the surface beneath our feet does not usually cross our mind. It is important to maintain various flooring surfaces accordingly so that they can withstand life’s daily wear and tear and last as long as possible. Different sections of your home may have additional traffic in comparison to each other, and may be better suited to various floor types. Below are some issues commonly associated with various flooring types.


  • Wood floors are more susceptible to moisture damage than other types. This may lead to spaces between boards, cupping, cracking, buckling, and crowning.
  • Surface damage can be easy to spot; however damage to wood subfloors can be more difficult to notice. Test for moisture if you suspect any issues.


  • Carpets should be vacuumed or cleaned regularly to avoid a buildup of dirt, pet dander, or dust mites.
  • Water damage can be devastating to carpet floors and cause mold, mildew, and rippling.
  • Heavy use may result in rips, tears, or holes in carpet, however a professional repair company may be able to fix them so that they look like new.
  • Stains are often a main concern with light-colored carpets, especially in a house with young children or pets.


  • While highly resilient in high traffic areas, over time linoleum becomes brittle and cracks.
  • Sunlight can cause a change in color in the material after prolonged exposure.
  • Heavy furniture or high-heeled shoes can cause indentations in the floor.
  • Water damage can cause the backing to separate from the front of the material.


  • Loose tiles are caused by delaminating or debonding, in which the tile becomes unstuck from the mounting surface. This is especially common on concrete slabs. The tiles expand and contract with moisture and temperature separately from the base surface, causing them to detach from each other.
  • Cracked tile and grout is the result of movement beneath the tile. Cracked grout is often a precursor to cracked tile.

All flooring types have their own specific advantages and disadvantages. Some flooring issues may also be a result of a larger problem in the house. Make sure to look closely at the floor of any home you are considering purchasing, and have a certified home inspector check it out as well. Give Georgia Pro a call for all of your inspection needs whether you are putting your home on the market, looking to buy a new one, or both.

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