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Green Painting Materials and Ideas

Many of you have probably wondered what is the difference between green painting materials and conventional painting materials. One of the main differences is the VOC, also known as Volatile Organic Compounds. You may have noticed a very noxious chemical smell that comes from paint. This is directly correlated to your VOC factor; it is not good for your health, or that of your family and pets, to breathe in this noxious chemical during the painting process and for several days afterward. That is also why many quality companies will use fans to help minimize the chemicals and to dilute it from being so strong. It takes several days for this process, and it definitely helps; however, the VOC content does not leave your house just because the scent is no longer as powerful. In fact, your VOC stays with you and your family for years after the paint has been applied. It has been linked to different respiratory problems, and it poses some health risks to children.

Zero or Low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)

Paints have been lead-based and very toxic in the past. Although we have worked to assure that the toxic levels of paints have been reduced, the high levels of VOC are still in paints today. VOC’s are dangerous chemicals that do not go away once the paint dries. They continue to slowly release other harmful chemicals through your walls and ceilings for years to come. With special photography, pictures show the walls almost breathing, giving off their VOC’s over years a little at a time. Although for most non-sensitive individuals this may not seem like a big deal, however for those with asthma or other respiratory problems, or for young children or pets, this can be a big problem. One of the best one for a homeowner to determined the hazards in a home like VOS’s is to hire a home inspector.

LEED Certified

LEED certified establishes a company for practices that are sustainable in the construction, remodeling industry. The goal of LEED projects is to reduce our carbon and ecological footprint a great deal, and LEED projects help to show us how to do it. They are professional, courteous, and are committed to a better planet for you, your family, and your pets. One of their signature features is their use of post-consumer recycled materials. The great thing is that you can’t tell the difference. The quality is just the same, minus all of the noxious fumes. You will feel great knowing that you are doing a great thing for yourself and your family. You can also expect the same long-term durability of Leed Certified Paints to look fresh that is competitive with higher VOC paints.

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