Hurricane Preparations For Your Home

//Hurricane Preparations For Your Home

Hurricane Preparations For Your Home

13930249_s (1)Summer is the beginning of hurricane season. It’s important to batten down the hatches, especially since this hurricane season looks like it’s going to be an intense one. Global Weather Oscillations Inc. (GWO), a leading hurricane cycle prediction company, says, “The 2015 Atlantic Basin hurricane season will be the most active and dangerous in at least 3 years, and the next 3 seasons will be the most dangerous in 10 years.” The GWO has had the most accurate predictions since 2006 about 87% accuracy. They have predicted the 2015 hurricane season to be a little above average and more dangerous, with 14 named storms, 8 hurricanes and 3 major hurricanes. If this isn’t something you’re prepared for, calling in a professional to inspect your home and make sure it has the protection it needs would be ideal.

It’s always better to be more safe than sorry when it comes to hurricane season. One way to do that is to make sure you have hurricane or flood insurance for your home, especially if you live in a flood zone.  You may not know it but your homeowner’s policy usually won’t cover damage caused by hurricane-related floods, and the only way to protect from that is to invest in flood insurance. It’s important to talk with your insurance company about what you need to do to prepare for a hurricane in order for your policy to cover damage caused by a hurricane.

Home inspectors play a crucial part in identifying possible concerns prior to a major storm. We can help when it comes to deciding the best possible storm preparations for your home, we’ll even be there for you after the storm hits to check for any major damage before making the call to your insurance company.

Your next step in hurricane preparation should be to prepare the outside of your home for the tough weather ahead. Make sure your home is sealed off from any strong winds or pieces of debris that may be flying around. You can do this yourself or hire a professional to check it all out for you. Large pieces of plywood are a good way of protecting windows. If you don’t have any extra laying around, it would be a good investment. It’s important to remember that keeping your windows protected during strong winds is vital in keeping your house, belongings and yourself safe during an intense hurricane.

However, if you decide to wait until a hurricane watch or warning is posted, it may be too late. This is because any window or door coverings you may have, which include plywood or metal shutters have to be fitted and firmly attached, and you only have so long to attach plywood to your windows. This should be done ahead of time. If you have any questions or aren’t sure how to handle it or which coverings to use, it’s always best to call a professional.

Prepare your home from hurricane winds, rain and debris by following these steps:

Check your gutters – Be sure they are clear of leaves and other debris to prepare for hurricanes. Having clean gutters can prevent damage to your home during long periods of heavy rain.

Secure roof shingles – Secure shingles on your roof using roofing cement. Wind could peel them off until your roof is stripped bare, allowing wind and water to get in.

Remove dead or damaged trees – Especially those near the house. Get rid of all limbs, sticks and other debris on or near your property. Items like these can often become airborne during high winds.

Collect outdoor items from the yard – Bring them inside when you hear a hurricane advisory. These will become flying projectiles in the high winds and can get swept away by floodwaters if your house in considered in a flood zone.

Protecting windows, doors, and roofs prior a hurricane warning should be a priority. Doing this can ensure that you’ll be able to continue living in your home, even if the worst happens. It’s important to call a professional to ensure that your windows, doors and roofs are protected enough to weather the storm.

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