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Is It Important To Maintain Your Water Heater?

Maintain Your Water Heaters

Water heaters need to be cleaned and maintained to function properly, however they are often not looked at for years. When neglected, a water heater can cause a variety of problems for you in the future. If not maintained properly, over time water heaters can gain scale, lime, and rust sediments. This can lead to various issues including, but not limited to, the cost of heating water going up.

  • An average water heater uses 13%-15% of the household energy to run it.
  • If there’s a leak in your pipes you might want to get them checked. One drop of water per second equals 60 gallons of water wasted in a week.
  • Heat will be lost and it will lower consumption.
  • If pipes are insulated less heat is lost and less heat is consumed.
  • You might want to think about getting a second anode rod. Over time the rod will take on galvanic corrosion so the tank doesn’t become corroded.
  • A bucket of water should be drained periodically from the tank. This will keep the heat working efficiently.
  • Older tanks should be flushed out annually. This will prevent any build up from happening. The newer water heaters are set up to clean themselves.

As you can see, there are many reasons people should maintain their water heaters. If you need a home inspector give Georgia Pro a call. We are here to provide exams and make sure that home owners have maintained their residence. Our professional inspectors help make sure things have been kept up to standards and in doing so, provide you with perfect home environment.

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