Maintaining Walkways and Driveways

//Maintaining Walkways and Driveways

Maintaining Walkways and Driveways

Winter is quickly approaching, and some parts of the United States have already been seeing snow fall. With this being the case, it is time to prepare for winter and its harsh weather. Whether it’s a snowy day or a rainy day that turns the rain to ice, it is important to be prepared.

Before we cover how to protect your driveway and walkway from the winter weather, it is important to cover how to protect the pavement from weather damage. The first step is to inspect the pavement to assess any damages. This is done by looking for any cracks, oily stains, potholes, or areas that are crumbling. Once you have identified these spots, make sure you scrub away any stains by using a degreaser or hot, soapy water with a brush. After this, you’re ready to repair the cracks in your driveway. This will require asphalt-repair caulk. Depending on the size of the crack, you may need to apply the caulk multiple times.

Following this, fill in any potholes in your driveway. Potholes can form from wear and even salt, so this is important. Once cracks and potholes are fixed, then you are ready to seal your pavement with sealer. Note that the sealer may take 3 days to dry, so pick sunny days to maintenance and seal the driveway. The sooner you fix the cracks and potholes, the sooner you’re ready to prep your driveway and walkways for winter.

Salt will become one of the most essential tools you need to purchase in preparation for winter weather. It will be essential to assisting your process in de-icing driveways, walkways leading to your front door, and sidewalks. The salt works to break down the ice, which will help it melt back down to either water or slush (depending on how cold it is). It is important to apply the salt before and after inclement weather. Another key tool to have will be a shovel to help clear the snow away. With salt and a shovel, you will be ready to conquer the snow and the ice.

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