//Why Have a Pre-Listing Inspection?

Why Have a Pre-Listing Inspection?

A pre-listing inspection is what it sounds like; it is a home inspection done before listing a house on the market for sell. While having one does not eliminate the need for a potential buyer’s home inspection before the official sale of a house there are several reasons making it a good idea for anyone looking to sell their home.

The first and most important thing to know about any inspection is that it will reveal issues. An inspector’s job is to find things out of compliance or that pose a hazard. Whether they are hired by the seller or the buyer it makes no difference. So having a pre-listing inspection can better prepare you for what you may encounter from potential buyers as a result of their inspections. It may also have the added benefit of reassuring a potential buyer.

Before a safety issue impacts the sale of a property, a pre-listing inspection can help identify what needs addressing. Issues can be corrected and may help the seller establish a realistic pricing for the property. If the plan is to sell the house as is this type of inspection can help make it clear exactly what issues exist. This may appeal to buyers looking for a “fixer-upper,” but want to have a good idea of what they will be taking on.

Scheduling a pre-listing inspection can be easier to arrange allowing for a seller to shop around for available inspectors. Since there is no pressure to find an inspector by a certain time an appointment can be made at the seller’s convenience without having to worry about last minute disruptions to their work schedule or whether or not the house is fit for company.

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