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Revamp a Home’s Curb Appeal

First impressions can make or break your home’s chances of selling. Before a prospective buyer even sees your house they start forming an opinion about whether it is a place they want to live. They see neighbors on the streets, experience the traffic or lack thereof, pass the corner park, and by the time they have arrived at the house they are already imagining what life will be like in the neighborhood. Make sure that the charm of the street carries over into charm up the walkway. If it does, the house can be as good as sold before the front door is open.

When working on the home’s curb appeal, try to see it from the perspective of a stranger. Do your best to detach yourself from the intimate memories you harbor of this place and see it like you did for the first time. Without focusing on specifics, rate your overall impression of the front of the house. Does it look well maintained? Are the trees, plants and grass overgrown? Does it look like place you could move into tomorrow and feel proud to show off? If the answer is yes, you are well on your way to making a home sale. A great way for you to get a idea about the over condition of your home is to have a Roswell Home Inspector provides an inspection prior to putting it on the market.

When you move on to specifics, the first thing you will probably notice is the exterior paint. Does it look fresh and new? Chipped and worn away paint will signal to a buyer that the home is not of value. Look at the both the garage and front doors as well as their frames. Check the siding, the gutters, and window frames. If the paint looks good at first glance then you probably don’t need to repaint, just walk around with some touch up paint and check for spots that need a little extra care.

Next, focus on the foliage. Do the trees need trimming? Trees are a great yard enhancement but they can also make a house look shabby if they are overgrown. Trim back branches that are blocking windows. You might even need to bring in a professional to clear out those second story views. After trimming, rake fallen leaves and pine needles away to keep the grass looking neat. Speaking of grass, shake the rust off the weed whacker and trim those neglected spots around the edge of the lawn, they may not matter to you but every detail contributes to a home buyer’s overall impression.

The garden will always benefit from a little TLC. A fresh layer of mulch makes the yard smell like a rain soaked forest(that’s good), and it will cover up imperfections in the landscaping. Pull out weeds and trim overgrown plants. For a finishing touch, add a few well placed flowers. Tulips are a bright, simple flower that can light up the front of the house.

Finally, ask what the front of the house would tell a prospective buyer about your life. If it says too much then there is still work to do. Remove the tennis balls buried under the hedges and take the lawn gnomes out from under the tree. If the basketball hoop is temporary or rusted, get rid of it. There’s a good chance a prospective buyer does not share your decorative tastes. Make the yard a clean cut, open space that anyone could fill with their own vision.

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