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Ten Ways To Reduce Your Energy Bills

There are all types of home improvment videos and articles out in the world wide web. When we came across this 10 part video series that Home Depot provided on their YouTube page, we just had to share it.

Home Depot breaks down 10 ways to reduce your energy bills and save money. These videos are great for any homeowner. Whether you are new or a seasoned homeowner these videos should help you with some tips on how to save energy and money.

One thing about Georgia Pro Home Inspection Co. is that we love to help people understand a home before purchasing it. We live and breathe home inspections. Plus, we love helping people save money, reduce energy costs, and make their home more enjoyable.

The List of Videos On Ways To Reduce Energy Bills:

  1. Changing To CFL Bulbs
  2. Installing Ceiling Fans
  3. Dimmers and Motions Detectors
  4. Exterior Door
  5. Maintaining Your Furnace
  6. Insulating Your Home
  7. Stop Air Leaks
  8. Energy Star Videos
  9. Conserve Water
  10. Heating Costs

This video was created by: HomeDepot

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