Winter Gutter and Roof Maintenance

//Winter Gutter and Roof Maintenance

Winter Gutter and Roof Maintenance

Winter-gutterWith a harsh, frigid winter upon us, many homeowners are wondering how to protect their homes from the cruel icy weather. To a homeowner, a house is one of the biggest investments they can make in a lifetime. With that being said, having proper gutter and roof maintenance ensures a safe and worry free winter. Roof and gutter maintenance should start in the fall, but will most likely have to be maintained throughout the entirety of the seasons to make sure that the low temperatures don’t cause serious problems around your house.

Remove Debris

By the time winter hits, hopefully your gutters are clear of any fall debris. If not, that should be the first thing on your list. Eliminate all major clogs.  The wet and windy weather can clog up gutters, causing structural damage, and ultimately lead to the buildup of mold, mildew, leaks, stains, or dry rotting.  Gutter cleaning can be quite a chore, there’s no doubt that its hard work and it can be dangerous, just be sure you have the right tools.


The next most important task you should do while preparing your home for winter is inspecting your roof for any needed repairs.  You can make most the repairs at any time during the fall or winter seasons so long as your roof is dry.  These repairs may include: repairs to the shingles, checking for any cracks, etc.  Anything that could potentially allow for snow or rain to enter your home from above.

Ideally, along with the needed roof repairs come gutter repairs.  While you’re up on the roof checking for loose, cracked or missing shingles, you should also be checking to make sure your gutters are secure.  Meaning there shouldn’t be any open seams, warping or especially any gutters hanging sideways on the house.  You particularly should check to make sure that your downspouts are aligned.  If your downspouts are not functioning properly, the water that your gutters worked so hard to drive away won’t end up going very far. Water will leak down the side of your house and freeze.  Making future repairs that much more difficult and expensive.

Professional Inspection

Although your roof can sustain damage throughout the year from rain to hail to snow, the trained eye of a professional inspector can spot even the smallest of problems such as cracking, loose shingles, water stains or dry rot. In general, almost any roof or gutter repair can be done in the fall or winter time especially, but repairing minor damage before winter arrives can help prevent larger and more costly problems in the future.  Its best to schedule an autumn roof inspection with a reputable inspector to spot any problems that if left alone could cost you a lot of time and money on a complete roof and gutter replacement.

This time of year can be extremely hectic, and before you know it its spring time and you’ve experience snow and ice on several occasions. However, knock those chores off your list and rest assured that your roof and gutters will brave any and all elements Mother Nature throws at it.

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